Oil & Vinegar
Drew Cardy, Franchise Owner — Missoula, MT

We're in the business of gourmet retail and we decided to open a oil and vinegar franchise after my family lived in The Netherlands for almost 18 years. We are passionate about our food and believe others should be introduced to great products from around the world!

Before Emaugo Creative, we did not have any "real" electronic ways of getting to our customers. We also didn't have the expertise or time to create email blasts that caught the attention of our clients. Now, with the help of Emaugo, we are able to reach clients via email, in a fun and eye catching way. A bonus is when they forward the emails onto their friends! And we know that it works for our customers pour into our shop with the offers we've sent out.

The hard work that is done by Emaugo, is second to none. The best part about their work is they don't rush and put out a partly done job. We are always in contact before any email is sent out and there is a lot of attention to detail. In the end...its a quality service that has saved us a lot of time and money!