Oil & Vinegar
Matt Stermer, Franchise Owner — Bellevue, WA

Oil & Vinegar is a Netherlands-based franchise with shops located around the world; including five U.S. retail locations in Washington, Montana, Illinois, Texas and Virginia. In an effort to bring all shops closer in alignment with our marketing endeavors we contracted with Emaugo's creative team to implement strategic email campaigns that are sent out to each store's customer base. The email campaigns are thoughtfully organized and crafted within our brand while giving our patrons something new to experience each time. The impact this has had on our stores is unparalleled with any other marketing vehicle we employ and that is due wholly with the acute attention Emaugo brings to each piece they do for us. In addition to this — the platform that the Emaugo utilizes gives us valuable stats that assist our decision making process on how to reach our target audience, because we know what they are interested in based on what they are looking at, clicking through to and bringing into the store for promotional purposes. Our partnership with Emaugo is steadfast as we've come to rely on their ability to deliver every time.