Integrity Automotive Maintenance & Repair
Nate Bean, President

We are in the business of automotive maintenance and repair with gross annual sales of 1.6M and eleven employees. Our company exists to create a safe and convenient alternative to traditional automotive service by employing only highly trained technicians and service staff committed to meeting our clients personal needs while servicing and repairing vehicles correctly and efficiently using the latest technology and equipment.

We will meet this commitment by providing a comfortable environment with many convenient options for our customers, the peace-of-mind of a first class warranty, timely service and a commitment to upholding the highest level of ethics and integrity.

We are committed to making the care of our customers and the proper maintenance of their vehicles of primary importance. We will always recommend all needed services and will prioritize them in order of importance. We will make recommendations based only upon the understanding that it is our responsibility to educate our clients so they can make the decision that is in their best interest.

Prior to working with Emaugo Creative, we had a company logo and a general marketing plan we did not have a completely developed brand image. Our need was to develop an overall brand image and to carry it through into all of our marketing pieces so that all of our internal (existing customer) marketing and our external (new customer acquisition) advertising would be consistent and recognizable. We needed to ensure that our image/brand was consistent with our target market and that it was carried through into our reception area and all print marketing.

In working with Emaugo Creative, we developed a consistent image and carried it through to our external marketing pieces and into all of our print materials used in our daily operations. We developed brand image marketing pieces to create top-of-mind awareness in the area. These consisted of newspaper advertising, city transit bus ads, direct mail pieces designed to attract new customers, design of our "Smart Loaner" cars, email newsletters, website elements, service counter flyers, waiting room marketing pieces, Car Care Cash designed to increase repeat business by rewarding our existing customers, letterhead, business cards, Rewards Cards, and numerous other marketing programs utilized over the past 3 years.

By creating consistent marketing elements that are carried through in all of our marketing efforts we are able to design new pieces and programs with very little time and expense, since the image remains the same and only needs minor adjusting from time to time in order to create the intended message. This also results in very recognizable advertising that promotes repeat business and brand consistency resulting in top-of-mind awareness at a minimal cost. This not only results in consistent and predictable results, but also allows for fast production of new ideas. Through the consistent use of these pre-designed and effective marketing elements we are able to recognize a great return on investment. As we intentionally target a very specific demographic in our market area we have developed a brand image that has resulted in reaching that market with great success. It creates the consistent image that attracts the type of customers that allow and encourage us to meet their needs at a price point that is conducive to the profitability needed to remain a healthy business to be better able to ensure our long lasting existence which is necessary to maintain the warranties and levels of service expected and required by our clients.

Amanda Predmore and the staff at Emaugo Creative have been very responsive and helpful in designing our marketing strategy, creating eye-catching pieces and a wide array of marketing materials which has resulted in a consistent brand image targeted at a very specific demographic market. They have always been very responsive to our needs, even in cases of very short deadlines. Amanda is a pleasure to work with, upholds a high level of integrity, and is committed to helping our company succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. I highly recommend Emaugo Creative for the development and implementation of brand imaging and marketing efforts.