Michael Dain Smith, Owner

I provide the most up-to-date in golf and physical training instruction. In my position as a golf instructor and personal trainer I provide the latest corrective training techniques with an educational component using world-class methodologies into a structured program that enhances performance and get results. My goal is to help people meet their golf, fitness and athletic goals.

My biggest challenge was how to get started and what is needed to successfully market a business. And I was thankfully referred to Emaugo Creative.

They have assisted me with our marketing brochure, business card design and are currently in process of our web site creation.

For my business the brochure has created additional interest. The information in the brochure helps sell the business. Has increased my exposure and has added at least a 60% increase to what I could have expected without the brochure.

Emaugo did a fantastic job in creating the Golfit brand as our brochure has been instrumental in increasing my exposure.

People often remark on the professionalism and quality of my brochure. There is no doubt the brochure created by Emaugo has helped with my success.