Chrysalis Counseling Services
Blossom Birth & Baby
Juliana Nason, Founder

At the time of initial contact with Emaugo Creative I was in the early stages of establishing my private counseling practice, after leaving years of work in community mental health. My biggest challenge was trying to find a way to cohesively blend together a marketing strategy and brand for both my general counseling services, and my specialty work in perinatal and postpartum psychology.

Collaborating with Emaugo, we have developed marketing materials for both my primary counseling business, and my secondary business as a childbirth educator. Together we have created a variety of materials, including brochures, business cards, letterhead, business forms, print ads, and websites.

Since my beginnings we have taken my fledgling practice to a full time caseload that has a steady referral stream. As a large portion of my business is fee-for-service work, it was crucial to my success to develop a solid understanding of marketing strategy and sustainability.

Amanda was able to not only guide me in the creation of the graphic components of my business, but was a wealth of information in terms of marketing strategy, providing great direction and insight to a novice business owner. To date my biggest source of referrals has consistently been my online presence, with my website being named as the primary method by which clients learn about my services.

The design has created a brand, a cohesive, recognizable identity that ties together a business that has multiple facets. We have also been able to do some cross marketing of the two business that I own, Chrysalis Counseling Services and Blossom Birth & Baby.

I consistently get feedback from my clients that my websites are not only beautiful, but are easy to navigate and very useful as personal resources, which was my intention when I set out to develop both sites.