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Ask. Listen. Respond. And keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

Today, it's all about understanding and responding to your customers. Learning their interests. Their preferences. And their concerns. So you can give them the products, services, and communication that fit their ever-changing needs.

Find out what they want with online surveys.
Imagine if you could give your customers an easy and consistent way to offer their honest -- and frank -- feedback. You can. Just ask them with online surveys. They're the perfect fit for a business like yours.

Deliver meaningful, ongoing feedback to help you improve your business. That's why thousands of small businesses, nonprofits, and associations are using online surveys to listen to their audience and respond to their needs and interests.

From measuring customer satisfaction... to planning an event... to getting story ideas for your next newsletter, online survey lets your customers guide you in ways that can improve your business. Being heard is what keeps them satisfied and loyal. And keeps your business going strong.

Emaugo Creative helps you succeed by offering this online survey program will be up and running in no time at all -- so you can ask, listen, and respond to your customer's needs and interests.

We'll help you choose the right type of question to get quality feedback.
From multiple choice... to numerical ranking... to open ended text.

Invite contacts or website visitors to take your survey.
You can send e-mail invitations to your customers to take an online survey so asking contacts to participate couldn't be easier. Want to include website visitors? We make it easy to place a survey link on your website.

Use your survey results to respond quickly.
Automated tracking and reporting tools make it easy to instantly review and interpret your survey results as they come in. See trends. Pinpoint key issues. And respond quickly to what your customers are telling you -- so that you can make continuous improvements in your business.

Keep your website visitors engaged with online polls.
Post a poll on your website and keep your online content fresh and exciting. You can change your poll as often as you like -- even daily! -- And gain valuable feedback from your audience.