foundational belief

We exist to collaborate side by side with our clients with integrity
for the success of all parts connected for the greater good.

Without a process there is no plan, without a plan there is unqualified decisions made in terms of how your company is represented to the world. We believe in process so that you can have a tangible plan that allows you to measure your results and determine the best course of action with every brand touch you make.

The process we take to arrive at a plan differs from client to client and from project to project depending on various factors including the depth of research necessary, the overriding goals of the project and the timeline we have to work within.

When building a brand or repositioning a brand we go through a careful process of discovery that includes interviews with key leadership within your organization, interviews with current and past clients. Review of any market research that has been done for your company and within your industry. We summarize our findings into briefs that direct our course of action as well as yours in the collaboration process. Within this process there are many factors at play including vision, brand essence, schedule, deliverables, budget and much more.

Not every project, namely extension projects have need for in-depth discovery because the work has already been done - the brand foundation already established. In which case we are taking look and feel of your brand and extending to each marketing vehicle you wish to deploy.