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We would be pointing out the obvious to say that we, as society have a love-hate relationship with advertising. But who can flee looking at advertising filled magazines, reading the advertising staring at us in our cars while sitting behind a bus or passing by all of the advertising on the walls at the airport or subway? Not to mention the online advertising that we cannot escape and television ads that interrupt our programs.

All this to say: Your business needs to reach your customers where they are. And because not all advertising vehicles are right for every company - there is a need for strategy to be built around your advertising.

And how will you know that people are responding to your advertising? Through monitoring the impact of your campaigns so that you can adjust if needed for maximum impact and optimal return on your investment.

At Emaugo Creative we design and manage advertising campaigns for various types of companies and believe that ads need to have a big idea in order to get attention. We believe it is an imperative step to reach those that don't know you exist to begin a customer relationship with.